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Stop sending around spreadsheets. Easily access all your member data in a customizable Directory. Prentus will track updates and job placement automatically.

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“I used to hound people for resumes but now all their profiles are in my Prentus Directory. That saves me 7 hours of prep for Mock interview days.”

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Christy Larsen

Director of Employer Partnerships

Prime Academy

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Connect employers to jobseekers faster

With a dedicated Employer Portal and a CRM-like management system, you got the tools to grow a thriving employer network.

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Branded Talent Portal to browse candidates
Shareable profiles optimized for employers
Ability to request interviews or share jobs
View employer interactions with students

Give job seekers the upper hand

With tools like job tracking and gamification built-in, you can get job seekers 2x as engaged without 2x the work. That's why we only charge you when job seekers actually use your Prentus platform.

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Job Tracker w/ Chrome Extension
Tasks with grading system
Built-in messaging
Activity Stream
Smart notifications
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Get started in minutes

No crazy onboarding process or complicated training needed.

Customize Your Portal

Use our defaults or customize your Prentus portal's branding, notifications, and privacy settings to suit your community.

Invite Members & Employers

Upload a CSV of emails or share your unique sign up link. That way you can onboard 100s of users in seconds.

Connect Your Community to Opportunity

Once you get people onboard, you can use Prentus to streamline how you get people connected to their dream job.

Take Charge of the Care You Receive

Connect your community to opportunity