Connect employers to jobseekers faster

Send Talent Links - Not PDFs

Whether it's an employer request or your latest cohort, send a custom Talent Link to your portal. All email opens, link views, and candidates messaged are automatically tracked in your dashboard.


A Talent Portal Employers Love

Skip the forms and allow employers to find who they need when they need them. Link to your branded Talent Portal (example) where they can filter profiles and start more conversations with jobseekers.


Hyper-Focused Job Board

Enable employers to share their open jobs quickly. They can include an external link, an email for unposted jobs, or allow your members to apply with their Prentus profiles.


How It Works

Create Community Profile

It's free to create a Prentus community and get listed in our network. Your profile will have a unique link you can share with employers. Or get a custom domain on our paid plans.

Get Employer Partners

Employers in the Prentus network can request to become your partner. You can also attract new employers to your network by sharing links to your Talent Portal and Job Board.

Connect Talent to Companies

Depending on your community preferences, employer partners will be able to view talent, share jobs, and attend events in your community. You can even charge using Stripe.

Generate New Revenue

Keep your hiring tools free or set a price for employers to access your talent. With Stripe integrated for secure payments.

Attract New Members

The stronger your employer network, the stronger the job prospects for new community members. Build it today.

Build New Relationships

Employer partnerships can expand from hiring to mentoring, scholarships, and more to help your community.

Ditch the CRM. Upgrade to Prentus.

With our Employer CRM, employer partner activity is automatically tracked for you. Hires, jobs, sign ups, and more of the details you've been dying to know.

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Partner success you can measure

With a stats bar, detailed profiles, and CSV exports, your data is always a click away.

Quick imports using LinkedIn

Add existing employers or create your own using LinkedIn. Then select and import their posted jobs to your community job board.

Automate workflows with Zapier

Whether it's syncing contacts with HubSpot or sending emails with Mailchimp, Prentus can slide seamlessly into how your systems.

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Help employers hire more

From interview scheduling to candidate management, provide companies with the tools to hire your candidates with ease.

Google Calendar integration for scheduling
Greenhouse, Lever, and Workable integrations
LinkedIn Job Import
Apply externally or with a Prentus profile
Send Job Offers that

Hear what schools think

Your All-in-One Placement Machine

Upgrade the Job Search

Our Career Services add-on helps you gamify the job search with point-based tasks and goals attached to our Job Tracker.

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All-in-one Data Management

Ditch spreadsheets and surveys. Prentus helps you collect and manage your member data - from resumes to job placements.

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Build a Community to Support Jobseekers

With spaces for posts, jobs, event, and resources, jobseekers can always find the support they need.

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Create a free profile and start building your employer network.