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Remove the risk for companies by offering a hire-by-trial program (similar to Lambda Fellows) that can get 75%+ grads hired in 30 days. Launch yours this week.

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Custom options

Your choice of length, pay rate, and name for trials (ex. Fellowship).

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Payments and payouts are taken care of automatically.

Forget paperwork

We handle 1099s and agreements so you can focus on partners.

Recover your revenue

Improving placement rate by as little as 5% could help recover $1 million of tuition typically lost from job guarantees and ISAs.


    Your brand. Your integrations. Your app.

    Our platform is built to make supporting your alumni fit your needs. Prentus will let you customize:

    • Colors
    • Typography
    • Integrations with almost any app
    • Reports on partners, hiring, and alumni

    Ready to boost placement rates by 5-10%?

    Upgrade your partners hiring experience


    Stop emailing resumes

    Your partners can freely browse and filter standardized bias-free profiles on their own time. Less emails and more accurate connections.


    Automate scheduling

    Managers can integrate their Google Calendar and have requested grads book in real-time. It's like having Calendly built-in for everyone.


    Simple for recruiters

    Saved searches let recruiters keep their work organized and encourage them to recruit across multiple teams at once.

    More ways to get grads hired coming soon

    Alumni Network

    Build a connected community to lean on for mentorship, referrals, and testimonials. (Q3 2021)

    Freelance Marketplace

    Get grads experience through paid contracts. Exclusive access for our customers. (Q4 2021)

    Sponsored Challenges

    Businesses put up a prize for best solutions to set problems to discover top talent. (Q1 2022)

    Recover $500k+ of tuition by getting more grads hired

    Less than 7 days to set up. Hands-on support. Free marketing to get you new partners.

    Boost Placement Rates