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Keep track of your every job

Add jobs from any site using our Chrome Extension and never lose a job description to an expired listing.

Land more interviews with better data

Weekly summary emails and a real-time interview rate give you the data you need to improve each week.

Become a top 1% candidate

Outline your tasks and generate interview questions with AI to make sure you check every box needed to get hired.


Make your applications stand out

Tailored to perfection for every job

Our AI pulls in data from your Job Tracker and profile so every doc makes you sound like the perfect fit for the role.

Proven formulas to get you interviews

With tips and AI recipes built-in, your resumes and cover letter will follow the formats recruiters want to see.

Create & export as much as you want

There are no limits on your doc creation (Pro Plan). Generate and export docs to PDF in seconds.


On-demand, tailored AI coaching

Unlimited answers to your questions

No need to spend $100s every time you need some advice. Get answers to all your career questions as often as you need.

Specific tips based on your profile

Each session automatically trains the AI coach on your latest job search activity and goals to give you custom tailored tips.

Unmatched prompts for ChatGPT

While our coach is powered by ChatGPT, our proprietary prompts get you the right output every time.

Why job seekers love Prentus

Job Board

Find real junior tech roles daily

Save 10 hours per week of searching

From software engineering to product design to cyber, our job board finds all the roles without all the work.

Scraped & filtered from top job sites

Our scraper pulls from sites like LinkedIn and Indeed. Then each role is run through ChatGPT to extract the real info.

Daily alerts for your top matches

Set your role preferences to get notified about your top matches each day and automatically filter the job board.


The most helpful community for
career changers

Leave the flexing for LinkedIn. Prentus is where you can be your unfiltered self and get help from thousands of people that have been on the same journey as you.

Never feel alone again

Don't stay in the dark. Vent or post a question in the feed to get instant feedback from our network of people that want to support you.

Community-sourced knowledge

Slacks and Discords are too noisy. In Prentus, the most helpful posts are indexed in our Resources tab for when you need it most.

Grow your network 3x faster

Between the Feed, networking events, and our People directory, you will meet 100s of people - all of whom want to help you out.

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