Your ALL-IN-ONE placement platform

With Prentus, you can...

Gamify the Job Search

Assign point-based tasks and set weekly application goals for students in their Job Search hub. Complete with a Job Tracker and Planner to keep them organized.

Engage your alumni

Keep alumni engaged during and after the job search with a community Job Board, Calendar, Feed, and even Mentorship portal.

get Employer partners

Share your community Talent Portal or Job Board to attract companies to your employer network. Then track their activity with our built-in CRM.

Auto-track placements

Automatically collect data from jobseekers, LinkedIn, and reminder emails to get accurate job placement data. Easily exportable by CSV or any of our 100+ integrations.

Career services

Make the job search fun

Combine a modern tool set and gamification to give your grads the best chance at getting hired.

Run your career services by assigning weekly application goals and point-based tasks to one or many jobseekers.

Track job search stats directly from the Job Tracker and see how well your students (and team) is doing.

Choose your level of gamification by rewarding Career Points for tasks and goals that can be cashed out in your custom store.

Prentus has your placement process covered

Everything you need is ready to go. Get your custom Prentus platform set up by tomorrow and try it free for 30 days.

app in action
Employer Portal

Connect employers to jobseekers faster

With a dedicated Employer Portal and a CRM-like management system, you got the tools to grow a thriving employer network.

Shareable profiles optimized for employers
Talent Portal with Google Calendar and ATS sync
Ability to request interviews or share jobs
View employer interactions with students
ALumni Community

Build a community alumni love

Keep alumni around after they get hired with a community built for helping. Every time a post, event, or job helps someone in the community, the sharer earns Career Points.

Sharing Without the Mess

With tagged posts in the Feed and a Job Board for opportunities, alumni can help out without stuff getting lost in the feed.

Launch a Mentorship Program

Make it easy for alumni to give back with a built-in Mentorship platform that syncs with Google Calendar and Zoom.

Manage Your Events

Share events like Career Fairs directly with alumni and hiring partners. Public events can be shared off platform too.

Hear what schools think

We cover the little things too


Fully White-labeled

Your platform can look and feel how you want. Customize branding, domain, and features to provide the experience you're imagining.


Placement Tracking

Skip the surveys. With the whole job search in one place, you get accurate placement data on your students automatically shown in your dashboard.


Easy Import & Export

Get started quickly by uploading CSVs or using our integration marketplace to connect tools like HubSpot and Slack.


iOS & Android Apps

Not only do we have a Chrome Extension. Our iOS & Android apps make it possible for jobseekers to keep their search going on mobile.

Communication Hub

Built-in Chat makes it easy to stay in touch with alumni. Branded emails make it fast to send platform invites, profile recommendations, and more.


Smart Notifications

Both your team and your students get weekly summary emails. That's in addition to job alerts, task updates, and more to keep people engaged and informed.

Start for free. Only pay when students use your platform.