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If you want to break into tech, it's freaking hard. You can't get interviews because you don't have experience. You can't get experience because your job applications get ghosted. And it seems like everyone else on LinkedIn is getting hired but you.

When you join Prentus, that all changes. You learn from a community of people that have been right where you are. You can ask questions, vent, and find the support you have been lacking in your job search. Plus, you get tools to cut your job search in half.

My goal? Make your job search fair, fast, and fun. That way - despite how broken the process is - you land that high-paying role you have been working so hard for. Sign up today and message me once you're in. I can't wait to be part of your job search.

Rod Danan

Founder, Prentus

Job Tracker

Manage and optimize your job search

Skip the spreadsheets. Use our Chrome Extension to quickly track jobs, applications, interviews, and offers on your job search. Never miss an opportunity again.

One place to find all the details

Keep a record of the job description and your notes for each job. Then schedule tasks and interviews to sync with your Google calendar.

Boost interview rates with data

Automatically track interview rates and compare performance based on resume version, company type, and more.

Connections to every company

When you track a job, you can see who in the community has worked or currently works at the company and message them for advice.

JOB SEARCH planner

Streamline your job search with a hub for tasks & events

Use the Planner to keep track of all your tasks, interviews, events, and goals in one place. Earn Career Points as you hit your weekly goals and complete bonus tasks to rise up the leaderboard.

Recurring tasks
Job-specific tasks
Interview events
Google Calendar Integration
Community events
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Why job seekers love Prentus


The most helpful community for
career changers

Leave the flexing for LinkedIn. Prentus is where you can be your unfiltered self and get help from thousands of people that have been on the same journey as you.

Never feel alone again

Don't stay in the dark. Vent or post a question in the feed to get instant feedback from our network of people that want to support you.

Community-sourced knowledge

Slacks and Discords are too noisy. In Prentus, the most helpful posts are indexed in our Resources tab for when you need it most.

Grow your network 3x faster

Between the Feed, networking events, and our People directory, you will meet 100s of people - all of whom want to help you out.


Hot, new junior tech jobs sourced for you each week

Scraped jobs suck. Instead, get access to our community Job Board with roles that are actually relevant to you. Each job is hand-sourced by our team or someone else that wants to help you get hired.

Track jobs directly from the Job Board
Discover roles before they even get posted
Alerts based on your role preferences
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