Career services that scale with you

Whether your school has 1 or 1000 students looking for jobs, our careers hub allows you to stay on top of everything without sacrificing results.

Gamify the job search

Keep jobseekers motivated by assigning career tasks and job quotas they can earn points from.

Track progress

Clearly see where a jobseeker is in their job search and provide help when needed.

Stay organized

Stop bouncing between spreadsheets and emails. Help all grads from one place.

Job Companion to give students a boost

The job search is tough. Arm your students with our Job Companion to give them the boost they need to get hired fast.

Chrome Extension

Enable jobseekers to speed up their search with our job application auto-fill and tracker extension.

Share relevant jobs

Got a job lead? Simply add the details to the Job Stream for grads to add to their tracker.

Never miss a beat

Students can add notes, tasks, tags, interviews, and offers to each job. We even remind them to send Thank You emails.


Flexible enough for every school

Our platform was built for you. Quickly plug it into your current workflow and customize:

  • Domain
  • Branding
  • Profile format
  • Integrations with almost any app
  • Reports on partners, hiring, and alumni

Serve hiring partners at the speed of light

Let hiring partners self-serve their hiring needs in the talent portal. Or easily filter and send them matching candidates in 30 seconds.

Beautiful talent portal

Don't make companies wait for a meeting. With our talent portal attract new partners by letting them find exactly who they need when they need them.

Streamline interviews

Companies can sync their Google Calendar and request interviews with one click. No more failed email chains.

Sync with top ATS

Companies love their ATS. With our portal's Greenhouse, Lever, and Workable integrations, you can attract more hiring partners.

Accurate, real-time placement statistics

No more sending surveys to get incomplete data. Combined data from hiring partners and the job tracker give you real placement data on demand.

Track the process

Whether it's a hiring partner or another interview, never be in the dark again.

Salary analytics

Get job offer data to see exactly how much grads make and how their salary grew thanks to you.

Marketing material

Attract new students with real outcomes data that shows what's possible with your program.

Don't settle for average

Make the job search fast and fun for your team and students.