Your brand. Your integrations.

Prentus sets up your talent platform to match your needs. Customize your...

  • Domain
  • Branding
  • Profile format
  • Integrations with almost any app
  • Reports on partners, hiring, and alumni

Streamline the hiring process


Talent on demand

No one wants to fill out a form. Let businesses freely browse and filter your grads on your platform whenever they need fresh talent.


Stress-free scheduling

Managers can integrate their Google Calendar and add interview preferences. Then, candidates can book interviews with zero emails needed.


Hire across multiple teams

Saved searches keep things tidy for recruiters from interview to offer. In June, searches will be able to sync with an ATS for even more clarity.

A fresh hiring option

Want to attract new hiring partners? You can remove the risk by giving businesses the option to hire-by-trial. You choose if the business pays (i.e. an internship) or if you pay (i.e. Lambda Fellows).

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Custom options

Your choice of length, pay rate, and name for trials (ex. Fellowship).

Automated payments

Payments and payouts all happen through your platform.

Forget paperwork

We handle 1099s and agreements so you can focus on partners.

Upgrade from resumes

Designed for bootcamp grads

Profiles focus on personality, projects, and skills instead of experience. This helps career transitioners paint a clearer picture.

Share with the world

Every profile gets a unique public link you can share with potential employers. That way, you can always be shown in the best light.

Remove bias from hiring

Turn on bias-free profiles to hide personal info until interview time. That way, businesses only judge candidates on the important stuff.

Connect with a click

Businesses can easily request interviews with candidates they like and start chatting faster than ever.

Stop being limited by emails

Automate the process for businesses so your team can do more with less.

Scale your placement process


Track what matters

Understand exactly what is driving hiring with in-depth stats on platform activity. Even get custom reports to share with stakeholders.


Build stronger relations

Support partners on the platform by recommending profiles, managing offers, and integrating your customer support tools.


Tap into your alumni

Manage all alumni on your platform to seamlessly see where people are in their job search. And soon, your alumni will be able to automatically get connected for job referrals and mentorship.