Not just a Job Tracker

Your jobseekers can easily track every job application, interview and offer. Then they can build a plan with tasks to complete and Connections they can leverage in your community.

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Track Jobs on Any Site

Get access to our Chrome Extension that automatically pulls in job details and adds it to your Job Tracker with a click.

Keep Your Search Organized

With dedicated tabs for details, notes, tasks, interviews, and offers, nothing important slips through the cracks.

Analyze Job Search Data

Detailed interview rates and trend graphs help job seekers figure out what's working in their job search.

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Keep Jobseekers on Track with Gamified Tasks

Assign tasks that help jobseekers build good behaviors. With a built-in grading system to work through assignments together.

Jobseekers can submit text, links, and files
Recur tasks daily, weekly, or monthly
Automatically assign tasks to new jobseekers
Assign & track group tasks

Not Your Average Careers Platform

Gamify the Job Search

Keep jobseekers 2x more engaged thanks to gamification. Job seekers earn points which encourages good job search habits.

Built-in Messaging

Make it easy for jobseekers to message you for help. Chat 1-on-1, in groups, or blast messages to 100s of people at once.

Smart Notifications

Job seekers automatically get weekly summaries. If they take their foot off the pedal, we help them get back to it.

A single hub to support & track jobseekers

All your data in one place

View real-time job searching activity, summary stats, and professional profiles in a single hub. That way you don't have to manage a bajillion spreadsheets.


Share jobs with a click

Give coaches, alumni, and companies a dedicated Job Board to share exclusive opportunities. Jobseekers can then filter and track jobs directly.


Scale services and outcomes

No need to hire an extra coach. Take advantage of batch actions and automations to support 100s of job seekers at once.


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Your All-in-One Placement Machine

Grow Your Employer Network

Connect companies to candidates in your own branded employer portal. Or send custom Talent Links of your latest cohort.

Get Employer Tools

All-in-one Data Management

Ditch spreadsheets and surveys. Prentus helps you collect and manage your member data - from resumes to job placements.

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Build a Community to Support Jobseekers

With spaces for posts, jobs, event, and resources, jobseekers can always find the support they need.

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