No more outdated spreadsheets

Every community gets a free Directory to manage and store their member info. That way, you and your team all have access to the latest member profiles, notes, and stats.

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Your Single Source of Truth

Quickly filter and view resumes, GitHub, LinkedIn, and preferences across profiles your members control. No forms needed.

Customize your data

Create custom tags and notes to organize your member data. Then view it in a dynamic table you can customize.

Share links - not files

Whether it's a single member profile or a Talent Link for an employer, you never have to email resume files again.

How It Works

Share Your Link

You get your own unique link for members to get associated with your community. Upload a CSV of emails or share the link yourself so members can create their accounts.

Members Register

Members can quickly create a profile by syncing their LinkedIn. Then they can add projects, links, job preferences and more to their platform profile which can be shown to employers.

Start Tracking Changes

With member accounts, they can update their profile as needed while Prentus tracks job placements. You get access to accurate member data at the push of a button.

Get accurate placement data

Pull from multiple data sources to build a clearer picture of how and where your students get hired.

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Plug Into the Job Search

With your members using our Job Tracker, you get real-time data on their job search - including details on the offer they accept.

Track Employer Partner Activity

When one of your employer partners hires a job seeker in your community, their offer data will update your member's profile.

Sync LinkedIn Updates

Even when a member ghosts you, our LinkedIn Sync will monitor their profile for job updates and notify you when they get hired.

Your Data. Your Way.

Bring Your Existing Data

From job seekers to employers, you can easily upload a CSV of data to get started with tracking hires.

Export the Reports You Want

With one click exports, you can quickly get data on job placements, job search activity, employer partners and more.

Automate Work With Zapier

Send unique emails with Mailchimp, update your HubSpot, or build automations with 1000s of other apps using Zapier.

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Your All-in-One Placement Machine

Upgrade the Job Search

Our Career Services add-on helps you gamify the job search with point-based tasks and goals attached to our Job Tracker.

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Grow Your Employer Network

Connect companies to candidates in your own branded employer portal. Or send custom Talent Links of your latest cohort.

Get Employer Tools

Build a Community to Support Jobseekers

With spaces for posts, jobs, event, and resources, jobseekers can always find the support they need.

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Upgrade how you manage & track member data today.