Bridging the gap between bootcamp and career

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What We Do

Prentus builds tools for bootcamps to get every graduate hired fast. Our belief is that technology, accessibility, and distribution are the core problems preventing talented graduates from getting their dream job. By arming forward-thinking schools with tools to help their grads, we can tackle these problems head on.

Talent Portal

Career Tools

Our Story

At my last startup, we needed some help to get our product launched. As a mentor at a bootcamp, I posted in Slack asking if any grad wanted to get some experience. Evan answered the call.

Evan was a coding bootcamp grad. He had been job searching for 9 months telling companies he would work for them for FREE. No one answered. No one gave him a chance.

After 3 amazing months, Evan got a full-time job as a developer. But I thought to myself "If it took someone this talented that long, the system is broken".

That's when Prentus was started.

First we tried fixing the experience problem. As an unpaid internship marketplace, bootcamp grads got experience and some leveraged that to get hired. But it wasn't inclusive enough. There had to be something that could help anyone start a new career.

In April 2021, Prentus pivoted to providing careers software to outcome-obsessed schools. First our talent portal launched. Now our career services has launched. And an alumni network is next.

The Prentus Promise is that we will continue to innovate in early stage hiring until every hard worker gets a shot at their dream career. Look out for what comes next.

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • When we make a promise, we deliver. Every single time.

  • Empathy
  • Everyone is different. We will take the time to understand your unique problems.

  • Advancement
  • Every day, we try to be 1% better. And make your life 1% better too.

  • Curiosity
  • We always ask "is there a better way?" and are the first to test out solutions.

  • Honesty
  • Even if it's ugly we say it how it is. Truth helps to move the world forward.

There is equal access to education thanks to the internet and bootcamps. But access to careers is still not equal. I started Prentus with the goal of leveling the playing field so that anybody that works hard can change their life - no matter where they come from.
Rod Danan

Founder & CEO, Prentus

Let's chat if you want to see our product or help to build it.