Why Prentus Matters to Me

Rod Danan


My first job search was broken. I had the skills but was last to get hired in my graduating class.

A few years later, I taught Data Science at a bootcamp. I saw myself again in these crazy talented graduates that struggled to get hired. It was time to do something about it.

Prentus was started with the mission of building a job search that allowed anyone to land their dream job as long as they put in the work.

The more we talked to job seekers, communities, and employers, the more we realized what needed to be done. We needed some fun. Some ease. Some human touch.

It's been a couple years in now and Prentus is now the most engaging job placement platform for bootcamps, communities, and non-profits. By combining gamification and community in an all-in-one platform, people come together to make great careers happen.

We are proud to have helped 100s - soon to be 1000s - of people with their job search across dozens of communities. And we are just getting started.

By 2030 our goal is to completely revamp how the job search is done and help 1M people break into a career they love. The job search of the future is fair, fast, and fun.

Time to build.