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$ 999/ month

  • Start UNLIMITED internships on demand with vetted tech talent
  • Automated interview scheduling on your Google Calendar
  • Pay intern wages through platform - no payroll setup needed!
  • $999 (Save 33%) to convert to employee
  • Internship Success Manager
  • Start & end internships with a click
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$ 1500 / intern

  • Access to vetted developers, designers, and data scientists
  • Automated interview scheduling on your Google Calendar
  • Pay intern wages through platform - no payroll setup needed!
  • $1500 to convert to employee
  • 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee
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 The candidates we saw were excellent. We had a really good range of people; different characters, different skill sets, different levels of experience. And that enabled us to look at all the options there and choose the one that we felt was the best fit for us. And culturally, technically that worked really well.

Chris Gibson - CTO at LinkExec

Frequently Asked Questions

Which businesses can use Prentus?

Any business that is in the United States or Canada, has a product in market, and is generating revenue is eligible. There must then be a mentor in the intern’s field to get a specific type of intern. For example, you must have a Senior Developer to get a Developer Intern.

What skills do our candidates have?

Developers: HTML/CSS, Javascript, React.js, Vue.js, Node.js, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Express.js, Python, React Native, TypeScript, Git, jQuery, REST APIs, Chai, Enzyme, HashMap, Mocha, Jest, Redux, Agile, AWS, NoSQL, WebSocket, D3.js, Firebase, Bootstrap, Cypress, Supertest, Tailwind CSS Designers: Figma, HTML/CSS, Invision, Sketch, Adobe XD, Balsamiq, User Research, Usability Testing, UI Design
Data Scientists: Python, SQL, NLP, NoSQL, Statistics, Supervised Learning, Tableau, Clustering, Git, Web Scraping, Keras, TensorFlow

Note: Each intern will know a portion of this list - not the whole thing.

Where does Prentus find their talent?

While the typical intern is a college student looking to get their first job, our interns are different. They come from intensive job training programs where they build complex projects while learning the skills needed in the field. Before these programs, they worked in other industries meaning they bring a unique perspective that can help your business.  Plus, they are more driven than the usual person so you can trust them to work hard when given a shot.

Do I have to pay interns?

Yes. All interns must be paid at least minimum wage in accordance with local wage laws. You can include the hourly rate as part of the offer you send to a candidate. Trying to get an intern to work unpaid will get you removed from our platform.

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