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Fill out information on your bootcamp experience and internship preferences. We usually approve or reject profiles within 48 hours.


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Once approved, a profile without your name or picture is shown to businesses. With bias out of the way, everyone has an equal shot at a business requesting an interview.


Break Into Tech

Take interviews with the companies you like and intern remotely for up to 90 days if chosen. Prove your skill on the job and you might make the jump to a full-time employee.

how getting an internship in tech works

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Paid Jobs Only

All our partner companies are high potential US-based companies that pay their interns at least minimum wage.

Flexible Preferences

Choose what suits you for your ideal internship. Whether that's a part-time schedule or nonprofit companies, you got options.

Work from Anywhere

All our opportunities are remote exposing you to a wider range of opportunities geared towards bootcamp grads.

Bias Free

Your name and picture are hidden from companies until interview time so conversations can start with a fresh slate.

“Prentus has allowed me to gain experience from an exciting startup, and I couldn't be more thankful! I was able to learn a lot of skills that I would not have gained through a bootcamp...Prentus was amazing in connecting me to an incredible experience and I would highly recommend to all graduates!”

Jackie Ko

Designer Graduated from Thinkful