December 1, 2021

November Product Update - Boosting Engagement & Performance

Last month we launched Communities for schools on Prentus. Alumni are already asking questions, sharing wins, and helping job seekers feel a little better on their search.

With Communities came new schools using Prentus. And they brought fresh ideas. Since our goal is to give schools control of the placement process, we listened. Here’s what we got.

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Account Roles 👤

No matter how big your team is, you can easily provide the right permissions with Roles. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  1. Owner: Has access to all pages and settings.
  2. Career Coach: Can manage and support their assigned jobseekers.
  3. Community Member: Can access Community. Useful for staff that want to interact with alumni.

Since you can have  unlimited admin accounts now there’s nothing holding you back from bringing on your whole team.

Assigned Coaches 📣

Bigger schools means more job seekers that each have an assigned Coach. Now, you can assign that coach in Prentus so job seekers always have a lifeline.

On the coach side, they will only be able to see job seekers assigned to them. Then they can assign tasks, approve submissions, track progress, and manage status for their people.

Notification Guidebook 📖

Prentus sends smart notifications to keep your alumni engaged with your Prentus platform. Before, it was a little bit of a mystery what was being sent out.

Our new Docs gives schools an easy way to see when we send Notification Emails, Onboarding Emails, and Engagement Emails. Look out for even more insight coming soon.

Refreshed Member Onboarding ▶

First impressions are everything. That’s why we revamped the Member onboarding for your platform.

Now they are greeted with a friendly gif, truthful hype, and initial steps to unlock value in your platform.

After that, they get a series of emails that will educate them on how things work. That means they will be more engaged and more informed (so your inbox doesn’t get flooded).

Other small (but important) improvements

  • New Support page with technical support, career support, and a Roadmap to vote on features.
  • Improved navigation and speed of the Community (thank you Cass for your feedback here!)
  • Message Stream for tasks allow for both detailed submissions from Students and helpful feedback from Coaches.
  • New filters and rows per page options of the Directory

December Preview

It’s been a crazy year for us. Only way to close it out is with some crazy goals. Here’s what’s coming.

  • DMs: Community’s can only really pop off with messaing. DMs will let alumni, school staff, and employers chat without leaving your platform.
  • Mentorship: Many hired alumni want to give back to job seekers. Mentorship will provide a way for them to set availability and earn badges as they help out job seekers.
  • Job Search Hub: One page for all job searching needs. Faster and easier to navigate.
  • Students Hub (beta): Manage students, create learning sessions with Zoom, and get attendance reports in one place. Email us if interested in being a beta user.
  • Chrome Extension Refresh: Our extension will be getting a makeover visually and allow for non-jobseekers to use it to share jobs too.

If you and/or your alumni aren’t in love with your placement process, schedule a demo with me today. Prentus puts students in the best position to get hired and every jobseekers deserves that.

See you in 2022!!!