June 1, 2022

May Product Update - Directory Update, Dashboard Home, and Google Calendar Sync

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Get a pulse on your community

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

The new Dashboard home page gives you quick stats to tell you the health of your community. Find the numbers and growth across members, jobseekers, employer partners, and more. Even edit the date range to see improvement over time.

Forgot your community’s links? Now you can easily access your signup links along with where to see your Talent Portal and Job Board.

For new communities, getting started will be a breeze. Easily see what you need to do and get linked to a support article that can help.

Your member data, your way

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Your community’s directory was meant to give you all the data you need across members. Now, you can manage that data more easily.

Click on the Manage button to select which columns to show on load. You can also view and manage your community’s cohorts, private tags, and public tags to keep things tidy.

Change Career Status at Scale

Need to update multiple member’s career status? Simply select the members you want to update, click Edit, and update their status to hired, jobseeking, or student.

Add Single Profiles

Easily add a single member to your community without waiting for them to sign themselves up. All you need is name, email, and career status.

Send mass invites

Whether you’re just getting started or bringing on a new cohort, try uploading a CSV of emails. You can then customize a branded email and send a mass invite to new members.

Multiple recipients for Talent Emails

We know you love sending talent profiles to employers. Now in the Directory, you can send a talent email blast to multiple recipients. Select existing employer partners or enter in new emails. Customize a message and click send.

Google Calendar Integration for everyone

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Employers already had the option to sync their Google Calendar for interviews. Now admins and members can keep their calendars in sync too.

When creating a community event like a Career Day, simply choose the option to create a Google Calendar event. Each time a member or employer partner clicks the Add to Calendar button, it will add them as an attendee.

That means you can easily email attendees and rest assured that they get a reminder for your event.

For job seekers, they can sync every interview they add to their Job Tracker with their Google Calendar too. Enter the information once on Prentus and they’re good to go.

Other updates

  • Fixed bug with not being able to use caps in a profile’s link
  • Added option to delete completed tasks for job seekers
  • Default starting tasks are now assigned when a member switches their status to Jobseeking - not just when they sign up as a jobseeker
  • You can now add teammates to an employer account
  • Easier onboarding for new communities
  • Updated our docs to reflect new Settings and customizations

June Preview

Prepping for new communities means prepping better ways to help communities help members. Here is what’s coming:

  • Subscriptions for Employers: Connect your Stripe account, set your prices, and start getting employers subscribing to your communities. Set limits on job postings or access to talent so you can start earning.
  • Community Privacy Settings: With members and employers being able to be part of multiple communities, it needs to be easier to switch between each one. Look out for new privacy options to control what each of them see.
  • Community Directory: Related to the above, we want employers to be able to see what each community offers. Make sure your description is filled in under your Settings > Platform as we get ready to launch this.

And that’s just on the product side. This summer will be filled with updates to our website, content, and more.

As always, if there’s something you need to help members get hired, just reply to this email. That’s our number one goal today and every other day.