July 5, 2022

June Product Update - Connections, Auto-track Job Placements, & Job Tracker Updates

Part 2 of 2022 is all about networks. Community networks. Employer networks. TV networks (just kidding).

Before we open the employer network and start connecting companies to your community, we wanted to create a map. Specifically, a map of the employers your members were connected to.

Our platform has been automatically building a map of employers in the background to tell you who works where and who’s applying where. That means you can unlock the connections in your community.

It also means employers will be able to easily plug into our network when we launch our Employer Network beta in September.

Give your community the best shot at getting hired by trying Prentus for free and getting your job seekers in front of our upcoming employer network.

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Mapping the employer network

Earlier this month, Prentus added LinkedIn sync. That meant that new members and employers could simply add a link and get their LinkedIn profiles synced.

In the background, Prentus has been mapping out this network of employers. Each time a member signed up, their job experiences were synced and the associated employer had a profile created in Prentus.

That means you can see which members work at which companies and find the connections to help out. Here’s where that changes things.

Job Tracker Connections

The Job Tracker pop up now shows Connections as a tab where members can see who in the community works for a company.

The Job Tracker got a refresh. Jobseekers now have a sleeker tabbed window to easily navigate through the info on jobs they track.

When they add a job, it can be associated with a company in Prentus. If the company doesn’t exist, they can hit search and find it through LinkedIn.

Once associated with a job, Connections will start showing. It will show any members in a jobseeker’s community that work or have worked at that company. Then jobseekers can hit the message button to leverage the power of community.

Company Profiles

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Want to find connections at a specific employer? Head to a company’s profile. Perfect for when you want to find which alumni work at Google or get an in for that Microsoft recruiter.

Look out for an employer directory to be launched next month that will allow members to see their community’s employer partners. Followed by a more complete one later when the employer network launches.

Automatically track Placements

Every school and community has them. Those job seekers that answer for the first month of a job search and then turn into Casper 👻.

No need to keep checking their LinkedIn to see if they got hired. Prentus will do that for you.

Each job seeking member that is inactive will automatically get their LinkedIn synced each month. If there’s a new job on their profile since they last logged in, it will get added to their profile and they will get an email to confirm their placement.

If they don’t answer in 48 hours, they are marked as placed and your placement rate will get updated. Accurate job placement data is now easy - no matter how many Caspers you have.

The Activity Stream shows real-time activity from job seekers in your community.

Checking in on jobseekers should be easy. With the new Activity Stream, it is.

Quickly check to see who has been applying to jobs and getting interviews. It updates every time a job is updated on the Job Tracker and when a job seeker hits their Weekly Application Goal.

Filter down by Career Coach, cohort, or name to find what’s up with whoever you’re interested in. Or click Export to get that data into your own reports in Excel.

Other updates

  • We moved email providers to Postmark which means more reliable deliverability and an updated look.
  • Results for members now shows their Current Role on pages like the People tab in your community.
  • Our Chrome Extension has been updated to include and detect salary range, job type, description, and office policy.
  • Members can sync their LinkedIn once a month on their Profile page.

What cookin’ in July

We got a lot planned to continue prepping for our employer network launch. Some of it is boring background stuff. Here’s the stuff you will probably see in our next newsletter:

  • Employer Directory: If you put in the work to build an employer network, you should be able to share it. Your employer directory will be a searchable and optionally public page to help job seekers and attract new community members.
  • Shareable Calendar: Create events in your community and share your calendar wherever with a publicly viewable link.
  • Simple Imports: Getting members into your Prentus community will be possible through new options like syncing your Slack. Or upload a CSV to automatically create profiles for graduated alumni.

I’m pumped for the rest of this year. So much opportunity to help people get hired. Let me know how I can help you!

Rod Danan

Founder, Prentus

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