March 1, 2022

February Product Update - NEW Partners Dashboard, Placement Tracking, and more!

Best customers = best product

I want to give a shoutout to our clients for being the most vocal, helpful, patient customers any company has ever had. It’s truly an honor to work with people that care so much about getting people hired.

By being so vocal, we launched some big changes this month like:

  • NEW Partners Hub to act as your CRM and employer tracking tool
  • Integration marketplace (like an internal Zapier) to connect Prentus to tools like HubSpot and Slack
  • Revamping how we track placements
  • Beta test launch for iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Notification system for students to boost engagement
  • Ability to edit member profiles
  • Update V1 for the Directory

Read or watch the details below. And schedule some time with me if you want a private tour.

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The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

NEW Partners Hub

Ditch the CRM. With the new Partners hub, you can manage, track, and grow your hiring partner network right in your Prentus platform.

Easily add partners by single profile or by uploading a CSV. It will create an account for them so they can easily get started with sending interview requests.

Always know what’s going on with a Timeline view for each Partner. See every hire, job, email, and more in a simple view. Even add notes to log your interactions.

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Placement Tracking

We have always tracked placements but the data was not as clear and accessible as it could be. Now, each student has a clear section in their profile for placement data.

The data is automatically collected when they accept an offer on their Job Tracker but can be edited so they can get a final Job Search Summary. The formatting has been standardized to be cleaner for the API as well.


Integrate Prentus with your Favorite Tools

Wish you could create a Slack post when someone gets hired? Or maybe create a Member account on your platform when a new customer is added in Salesforce?

Now, Prentus uses Integry to allow you to integrate Prentus into your favorite apps and make custom workflows. It makes it even easier to slide Prentus into your existing systems. Full launch will be available by end of this week.

Edit Member Profiles

Everyone seems to want to edit member profiles so we made it happen. On the Directory, click the blue edit icon next to any member’s name.

This will open up their Profile page where you can edit all fields from preferences to the newly added Placement data. No more waiting on students to answer.

Notifications for Members

We already had smart notifications for members through email but now all their notifications will show up in one place. From task updates to job matches, they will never be out of the loop.

iOS & Android Beta

Our mobile apps are ready for testing! Get Prentus on your phone to get Push Notifications for things like messages and community interactions.

Apple iOS Link

Android Link (Mobile)

Android Link (Web)

If the link does not work for you, please reply to this email and we can add you manually to the beta test.

March Preview

We will be focusing on updating our landing pages in March so might not be as many big updates as usual. Even with that, we are planning on launching:

  • Outcome Dashboard: With our new Placement reporting structure, viewing and exporting data is easier. We are planning to add an Outcome Dashboard with charts and data capabilities to help you with reporting.
  • Customizable Directory: Edit your Directory columns to only view what you like.
  • Sub-Communities: Might change the name on that but basically giving you a way to segment your Community into more focused discussions. Kind of like Slack channels but hopefully a bit better.

If you have any requests, please reply and let us know. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we respond. Or schedule time with me so we can nerd out on placement stuff.

Have a marvelous March!