May 1, 2022

April Product Update - NEW Employer Recruiting Experience, Profile Updates, & Free Tier

Grow your Employer network

When trying to get job seekers hired, a strong employer network is the best weapon to have. Building that network is usually tough as hell though.

That where Prentus can help. First, you can grow your employer network by:

  • Allowing employers to view job seeker profiles in your Talent Portal

  • Sending custom candidate viewing pages to employers

  • Embedding the Job Post widget for employers to share jobs

Then you can manage this network using the internal Partner CRM. It shows partner activity and analytics to see if you’re headed in the right direction.

This month, we took a leap forward with the employer experience. Employers now have two new ways to interact with job seekers without registering. And their dashboard now allows them to manage jobs, candidates, and offers in a way that will get them hiring like crazy.

Check out details below or schedule some time to see it live.

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The complete recruiting experience

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Send an email to your partner network and let them know: your Prentus platform is now the only platform they need for hiring.

Candidate tracking for all jobs

The new employer dashboard shows details on stats, jobs, candidates, and community events. Once a job is shared, they can route your community’s job seekers to an external link or to apply with their profile.

Interview scheduling is easier than ever with Google Calendar integrations and multiple interview types to choose from. That means interviewers can schedule everything from Take-Home Assessments to Behavioral Interviews without leaving your platform.

Refreshed Search Page

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

The Search page got a UI refresh to make browsing jobseekers more satisfying. The new Timezone filter lets remote teams find people on their clock. And the Experience Level filter allows for your more experienced members to get found too.

Hiring tools for the whole team

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Each Candidate for a job has a unique view showing all their Interviews. They can be easily cancelled, scheduled, and rated.

Notes allow teammates to share thoughts after every interview. And if they need to chat with a candidate, the Messages allows the whole team to chat with a candidate in a single chat room.

Shareable company profiles

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Any company that registers on your platform will get their own Company page. They can share all their jobs and events with your community to see.

Their profile is also shareable. That means small businesses and startups get a free perk of hiring through you. Use that to your advantage!

More ways to attract employers

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Seeing is believing. While our embeddable Job Post widget already allowed employers to share jobs without signing up, you can now send them to your public Job Board instead.

Depending on your privacy settings, you can allow non-users to browse and share jobs directly to your job board. That way, when they post their job, they can be sure it’s out there.

Every job now has it’s own unique link that you can share as well. When opened, it will route users and non-users to the public Job Board listing for that job.

Message without an account

Before when an employer browsed your Talent Portal, they could easily grab the email and you would never know. Now, the email button is hidden and a message button is shown instead.

When an employer sends a message to a candidate, an account will be created for them in your system. An event will be added to the Timeline view for them on your Partners page showing a complete picture of their hiring activity.

Profile updates

Prentus profiles are one of the best parts of our platform. This month, we added a few new fields to make them a bit more complete:

  • Github Link: If a member has the Developer specialization, they will be shown a field for a Github link to show on their profile.

  • Resume Uploads: Not everyone uses Google Docs. So users now have the option to either upload or link to their resume.

  • Years of Experience: Every profile now has a Years of Experience field that users can change (default is 0-1 years). Employers can use this to filter candidates and job seekers can now get more focused job alerts.

Aside from the fields, we also made it easier for members to update their career status from Jobseeking to Hired and vice versa. When marked Hired, we will remind members to fill out their placement information in their profile so you can get accurate Placement Reporting.

Exclusive: New Free Tier

At Prentus, we want to be the bridge to connect job seekers to their dream job. That’s why we are now offering a Free Forever plan for career-focused communities.

This does not include the Career Services and Job Search tools but still includes:

  • Community with up to 2000 community members to share events, jobs, and posts with

  • Employer portal to connect members with up to 25 of your hiring partners

  • 100+ integrations, placement reporting, and iOS & Android apps

  • Custom branding and a subdomain (ex.

You can view the full list of features and pricing tiers here. If you or someone you know is interested, just reply to this email.

May Preview

Ok I know we said last month we would slow down a bit on the product side to fundraise. But when our customers need something ASAP, we prioritize them first.

This month, we will be focusing on prepping Prentus for a big 2nd half of 2022. A bunch of the changes will be background stuff you wouldn’t care about but here’s a couple anyways:

  • Self-guided Community Sign Up: Manually onboarding each community will always be available. But if someone wants to sign themselves up on the new free tier, we need to enable that too.

  • Guides: Forreal this time. Every Prentus user should be a power user and writing helpful guides is part of that. Last month we wrote an Integrations Guide. This month, we will release our to make sure people can get started smoothly.

Of course, customers are always first though. If you have something you need in Prentus to be successful, let me know.

May you have a marvelous May!