August 1, 2022

July Product Update - Send Custom Talent Links, Import LinkedIn Jobs, and Submit Your Ideas

Imagine if you had more time

How much time do you spend with jobseekers today?

How much time do you spend doing manual tasks like creating a resume book or creating spreadsheet reports?

If you want to get people hired, the only thing you should be doing manually is 1-on-1 coaching. Yet, most schools spend 5-10 hours per week on outdated tasks.

Get those hours back and start getting students hired the new way. Build a better job placement process that involves coaching, community, and companies in one place.

If you want to spend your time on stuff that actually impacts placement rates, hit the button below.

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Send Talent the Right Way

All schools want to get students connected to employers. Most schools do it wrong.

They spend 5 hours putting together a giant PDF files or a bunch of resume links. Then they email employers who can’t find the diamond in the haystack. And even if employers do engage, nothing is trackable so you’re left in the dark.

Talent Links allow you to send a custom Talent Portal link with selected profiles where employers can filter and message who they want. Every Talent Link automatically tracks:

  • Email opens and clicks
  • Talent Link views
  • Number of students messaged
  • New employer network sign ups

With advanced filters like previous industry experience and timezone, employers don’t have to struggle to find who they need. Then they can quickly message them or request interviews without even signing up.

Not only will you 2x your employer engagement - you’ll be able to see the results in real-time. Don’t you want a thriving employer network?

Import Company Jobs with One Click

View a company's posted LinkedIn jobs, select the ones you like, and import directly to your community.

Once employers join your network, you don’t want them to work double to create a profile and share jobs. That’s why you need Prentus LinkedIn Sync.

Employers or schools can create a new company account by simply adding a company’s LinkedIn URL. Prentus will sync their information to create an employer profile for them.

For sharing jobs, employers or schools can sync any of company’s open jobs on LinkedIn. Search, select, and import jobs into your community’s job board in 15 seconds flat.

When your community’s jobseekers have a steady flow of relevant jobs, you get more engagement and better outcomes. All without working too hard.

We build what you need

Got an idea or bug? Submit it on our Idea Board and get a say in what we build next.

Ask our customers. We do everything in our power to help you get jobseekers hired.

To help keep us accountable to that, our Support page now has an interactive Idea Board. All users can submit ideas, vote, and track our upcoming features. Or reply to this email if you got some ideas!

For new or potential communities, our docs have been updated to guide you through every step of customization. Read about Gamification, planning Career Services, and more here.

Other updates

  • Shared jobs’ links now open on a dedicated page for each job. Before they opened inside the Job Board.
  • Admins can now control whether members can change their career status.
  • Job Postings now show the logo for the company in the Job Board (if that company exists in our system already).
  • Directory has two new columns you can add for “Profile Complete” and “Last Login” date.
  • Fixed bug with Hires and Jobs being associated with a specific company on the Employers page.
  • UI updated on most buttons throughout the platform to give a nicer feel.

August Preview

Our Employer Network beta is still on to start in September. That means this month we will be busy prepping for that. Here’s how:

  • Employer Interviews: There are a bunch of employers that have reached out already to hire from our network. Interviews will be planned with them to figure out how to get them most active.
  • Partnership Management: Our system has been set up to allow companies to partner with each community. Having tools to manage partners, find new ones, and engage jobseekers will be at the forefront.

Exciting stuff ahead. Can’t wait to get more people into their dream jobs!

Rod Danan

Founder, Prentus

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July 5, 2022

June Product Update - Connections, Auto-track Job Placements, & Job Tracker Updates

Part 2 of 2022 is all about networks. Community networks. Employer networks. TV networks (just kidding).

Before we open the employer network and start connecting companies to your community, we wanted to create a map. Specifically, a map of the employers your members were connected to.

Our platform has been automatically building a map of employers in the background to tell you who works where and who’s applying where. That means you can unlock the connections in your community.

It also means employers will be able to easily plug into our network when we launch our Employer Network beta in September.

Give your community the best shot at getting hired by trying Prentus for free and getting your job seekers in front of our upcoming employer network.

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Mapping the employer network

Earlier this month, Prentus added LinkedIn sync. That meant that new members and employers could simply add a link and get their LinkedIn profiles synced.

In the background, Prentus has been mapping out this network of employers. Each time a member signed up, their job experiences were synced and the associated employer had a profile created in Prentus.

That means you can see which members work at which companies and find the connections to help out. Here’s where that changes things.

Job Tracker Connections

The Job Tracker pop up now shows Connections as a tab where members can see who in the community works for a company.

The Job Tracker got a refresh. Jobseekers now have a sleeker tabbed window to easily navigate through the info on jobs they track.

When they add a job, it can be associated with a company in Prentus. If the company doesn’t exist, they can hit search and find it through LinkedIn.

Once associated with a job, Connections will start showing. It will show any members in a jobseeker’s community that work or have worked at that company. Then jobseekers can hit the message button to leverage the power of community.

Company Profiles

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Want to find connections at a specific employer? Head to a company’s profile. Perfect for when you want to find which alumni work at Google or get an in for that Microsoft recruiter.

Look out for an employer directory to be launched next month that will allow members to see their community’s employer partners. Followed by a more complete one later when the employer network launches.

Automatically track Placements

Every school and community has them. Those job seekers that answer for the first month of a job search and then turn into Casper 👻.

No need to keep checking their LinkedIn to see if they got hired. Prentus will do that for you.

Each job seeking member that is inactive will automatically get their LinkedIn synced each month. If there’s a new job on their profile since they last logged in, it will get added to their profile and they will get an email to confirm their placement.

If they don’t answer in 48 hours, they are marked as placed and your placement rate will get updated. Accurate job placement data is now easy - no matter how many Caspers you have.

The Activity Stream shows real-time activity from job seekers in your community.

Checking in on jobseekers should be easy. With the new Activity Stream, it is.

Quickly check to see who has been applying to jobs and getting interviews. It updates every time a job is updated on the Job Tracker and when a job seeker hits their Weekly Application Goal.

Filter down by Career Coach, cohort, or name to find what’s up with whoever you’re interested in. Or click Export to get that data into your own reports in Excel.

Other updates

  • We moved email providers to Postmark which means more reliable deliverability and an updated look.
  • Results for members now shows their Current Role on pages like the People tab in your community.
  • Our Chrome Extension has been updated to include and detect salary range, job type, description, and office policy.
  • Members can sync their LinkedIn once a month on their Profile page.

What cookin’ in July

We got a lot planned to continue prepping for our employer network launch. Some of it is boring background stuff. Here’s the stuff you will probably see in our next newsletter:

  • Employer Directory: If you put in the work to build an employer network, you should be able to share it. Your employer directory will be a searchable and optionally public page to help job seekers and attract new community members.
  • Shareable Calendar: Create events in your community and share your calendar wherever with a publicly viewable link.
  • Simple Imports: Getting members into your Prentus community will be possible through new options like syncing your Slack. Or upload a CSV to automatically create profiles for graduated alumni.

I’m pumped for the rest of this year. So much opportunity to help people get hired. Let me know how I can help you!

Rod Danan

Founder, Prentus

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June 1, 2022

May Product Update - Directory Update, Dashboard Home, and Google Calendar Sync

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Get a pulse on your community

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

The new Dashboard home page gives you quick stats to tell you the health of your community. Find the numbers and growth across members, jobseekers, employer partners, and more. Even edit the date range to see improvement over time.

Forgot your community’s links? Now you can easily access your signup links along with where to see your Talent Portal and Job Board.

For new communities, getting started will be a breeze. Easily see what you need to do and get linked to a support article that can help.

Your member data, your way

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Your community’s directory was meant to give you all the data you need across members. Now, you can manage that data more easily.

Click on the Manage button to select which columns to show on load. You can also view and manage your community’s cohorts, private tags, and public tags to keep things tidy.

Change Career Status at Scale

Need to update multiple member’s career status? Simply select the members you want to update, click Edit, and update their status to hired, jobseeking, or student.

Add Single Profiles

Easily add a single member to your community without waiting for them to sign themselves up. All you need is name, email, and career status.

Send mass invites

Whether you’re just getting started or bringing on a new cohort, try uploading a CSV of emails. You can then customize a branded email and send a mass invite to new members.

Multiple recipients for Talent Emails

We know you love sending talent profiles to employers. Now in the Directory, you can send a talent email blast to multiple recipients. Select existing employer partners or enter in new emails. Customize a message and click send.

Google Calendar Integration for everyone

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Employers already had the option to sync their Google Calendar for interviews. Now admins and members can keep their calendars in sync too.

When creating a community event like a Career Day, simply choose the option to create a Google Calendar event. Each time a member or employer partner clicks the Add to Calendar button, it will add them as an attendee.

That means you can easily email attendees and rest assured that they get a reminder for your event.

For job seekers, they can sync every interview they add to their Job Tracker with their Google Calendar too. Enter the information once on Prentus and they’re good to go.

Other updates

  • Fixed bug with not being able to use caps in a profile’s link
  • Added option to delete completed tasks for job seekers
  • Default starting tasks are now assigned when a member switches their status to Jobseeking - not just when they sign up as a jobseeker
  • You can now add teammates to an employer account
  • Easier onboarding for new communities
  • Updated our docs to reflect new Settings and customizations

June Preview

Prepping for new communities means prepping better ways to help communities help members. Here is what’s coming:

  • Subscriptions for Employers: Connect your Stripe account, set your prices, and start getting employers subscribing to your communities. Set limits on job postings or access to talent so you can start earning.
  • Community Privacy Settings: With members and employers being able to be part of multiple communities, it needs to be easier to switch between each one. Look out for new privacy options to control what each of them see.
  • Community Directory: Related to the above, we want employers to be able to see what each community offers. Make sure your description is filled in under your Settings > Platform as we get ready to launch this.

And that’s just on the product side. This summer will be filled with updates to our website, content, and more.

As always, if there’s something you need to help members get hired, just reply to this email. That’s our number one goal today and every other day.

May 1, 2022

April Product Update - NEW Employer Recruiting Experience, Profile Updates, & Free Tier

Grow your Employer network

When trying to get job seekers hired, a strong employer network is the best weapon to have. Building that network is usually tough as hell though.

That where Prentus can help. First, you can grow your employer network by:

  • Allowing employers to view job seeker profiles in your Talent Portal

  • Sending custom candidate viewing pages to employers

  • Embedding the Job Post widget for employers to share jobs

Then you can manage this network using the internal Partner CRM. It shows partner activity and analytics to see if you’re headed in the right direction.

This month, we took a leap forward with the employer experience. Employers now have two new ways to interact with job seekers without registering. And their dashboard now allows them to manage jobs, candidates, and offers in a way that will get them hiring like crazy.

Check out details below or schedule some time to see it live.

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The complete recruiting experience

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Send an email to your partner network and let them know: your Prentus platform is now the only platform they need for hiring.

Candidate tracking for all jobs

The new employer dashboard shows details on stats, jobs, candidates, and community events. Once a job is shared, they can route your community’s job seekers to an external link or to apply with their profile.

Interview scheduling is easier than ever with Google Calendar integrations and multiple interview types to choose from. That means interviewers can schedule everything from Take-Home Assessments to Behavioral Interviews without leaving your platform.

Refreshed Search Page

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

The Search page got a UI refresh to make browsing jobseekers more satisfying. The new Timezone filter lets remote teams find people on their clock. And the Experience Level filter allows for your more experienced members to get found too.

Hiring tools for the whole team

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Each Candidate for a job has a unique view showing all their Interviews. They can be easily cancelled, scheduled, and rated.

Notes allow teammates to share thoughts after every interview. And if they need to chat with a candidate, the Messages allows the whole team to chat with a candidate in a single chat room.

Shareable company profiles

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Any company that registers on your platform will get their own Company page. They can share all their jobs and events with your community to see.

Their profile is also shareable. That means small businesses and startups get a free perk of hiring through you. Use that to your advantage!

More ways to attract employers

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Seeing is believing. While our embeddable Job Post widget already allowed employers to share jobs without signing up, you can now send them to your public Job Board instead.

Depending on your privacy settings, you can allow non-users to browse and share jobs directly to your job board. That way, when they post their job, they can be sure it’s out there.

Every job now has it’s own unique link that you can share as well. When opened, it will route users and non-users to the public Job Board listing for that job.

Message without an account

Before when an employer browsed your Talent Portal, they could easily grab the email and you would never know. Now, the email button is hidden and a message button is shown instead.

When an employer sends a message to a candidate, an account will be created for them in your system. An event will be added to the Timeline view for them on your Partners page showing a complete picture of their hiring activity.

Profile updates

Prentus profiles are one of the best parts of our platform. This month, we added a few new fields to make them a bit more complete:

  • Github Link: If a member has the Developer specialization, they will be shown a field for a Github link to show on their profile.

  • Resume Uploads: Not everyone uses Google Docs. So users now have the option to either upload or link to their resume.

  • Years of Experience: Every profile now has a Years of Experience field that users can change (default is 0-1 years). Employers can use this to filter candidates and job seekers can now get more focused job alerts.

Aside from the fields, we also made it easier for members to update their career status from Jobseeking to Hired and vice versa. When marked Hired, we will remind members to fill out their placement information in their profile so you can get accurate Placement Reporting.

Exclusive: New Free Tier

At Prentus, we want to be the bridge to connect job seekers to their dream job. That’s why we are now offering a Free Forever plan for career-focused communities.

This does not include the Career Services and Job Search tools but still includes:

  • Community with up to 2000 community members to share events, jobs, and posts with

  • Employer portal to connect members with up to 25 of your hiring partners

  • 100+ integrations, placement reporting, and iOS & Android apps

  • Custom branding and a subdomain (ex.

You can view the full list of features and pricing tiers here. If you or someone you know is interested, just reply to this email.

May Preview

Ok I know we said last month we would slow down a bit on the product side to fundraise. But when our customers need something ASAP, we prioritize them first.

This month, we will be focusing on prepping Prentus for a big 2nd half of 2022. A bunch of the changes will be background stuff you wouldn’t care about but here’s a couple anyways:

  • Self-guided Community Sign Up: Manually onboarding each community will always be available. But if someone wants to sign themselves up on the new free tier, we need to enable that too.

  • Guides: Forreal this time. Every Prentus user should be a power user and writing helpful guides is part of that. Last month we wrote an Integrations Guide. This month, we will release our to make sure people can get started smoothly.

Of course, customers are always first though. If you have something you need in Prentus to be successful, let me know.

May you have a marvelous May!

April 1, 2022

March Product Update - Community Spaces, Job Board Updates, & more 🌌

How was Q1?

Welcome to Q2. Hopefully your 2022 got started off strong with job offers spreading like wild fire.

With that you now have excited alumni you want to keep involved. This month’s newsletter will help you do exactly that with:

  • Spaces to organize your groups and convos
  • Refreshed job board with better fields
  • Fresh reports to dive deep in the details

Read all about it below, watch the update to see it in action, or schedule a demo to make Q2 the quarter of job offers for your alumni.

Schedule Demo
Watch Update

Spaces for everyone

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

You shouldn’t have to use Slack to organize your community. With Spaces, you can now create a safe space for any group or convo (similar to Channels).

Every community will have two spaces by default: general and hire-stream. General is for any convos that don’t match a space. Hire Stream is a place that recently hired members can share the news plus a tip to help the next wave.

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

General and hire-stream are public spaces so everyone can see them. For something a little more exclusive, you can create Private spaces where you can restrict access based on tags, cohorts, career focus, or career status.

With integrations, Spaces, DMs, and no limits on members, you have everything you need for a thriving alumni community.

Jobs got a makeover

Previously, jobs were missing a few important details you needed. Now, Jobs can show the complete picture with fields for:

  • Type of job (ex. full-time, internship)
  • Salary Range
  • Description
  • Experience level

New fields meant that we had to refresh how jobs look in your job board too. The new Job Board has a cleaner experience that allows users to scroll listings on the left and view details on the right.

The Job Tracker has been updated with the new details as well. Jobseekers can now add and edit details on all the jobs they apply to in their search. Watch out for a Chrome Extension update with these fields in April.

NOTE: If you use our Job Widget, it has been adjusted to reflect the new fields. That means it is a bit larger now so might change how the embed looks. Double check any page you have it embedded on.

Interview Stages

In addition to the Job itself, interviews got a bit of a change. Instead of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd interview, job seekers can now choose between interview types. The new options are:

  • Take-home Assessment
  • Phone Interview
  • Behavioral Interview
  • Technical Interview

Interviews can now be edited in case times change or a last minute hiccup comes in the way.

Placement & Job Reports

Last month, we revamped how we track placements. This month, we made it easy for you to export that data yourself.

On the Directory, you can now select the profiles you want, click Export, and then choose Placement Data. This will generate placement details on any of the selected profiles that have placement info.

Jobseeker reports got a new addition with the Jobs Data report. This will show a row for every tracked job in the selected group. You will see current stage and every stage it was in before. Perfect for generating any additional reports you might need.

iOS & Android Beta

If you haven’t downloaded our mobile apps yet, grab them at the links below to have the full community experience on the go. They work perfectly in their beta version and will be fully released some time in May.

Apple iOS Link

Android Link (Mobile)

Android Link (Web)

If the link does not work for you, please reply to this email and we can add you manually to the beta test.

April Preview

Last month we spent a lot of time on our new home page which meant not as many flashy new features. Expect a bit more of that in April as we start shifting focus to fundraising so we can grow the team.

While they might not be launched this month, here are a few items we are working on in the background:

  • Customizable Directory: Edit your Directory columns to only view what you like.
  • Guides: There’s so much value in Prentus and usually the only question is how to unlock it. We plan on writing 1 guide per week this month to give you strategy on using them.
  • Employer Recruit Page: This is a refreshed view for Employer Partners to manage shared jobs, schedule interviews, and view community events. This is part of a multi-month project.

If you have any requests, please reply and let us know. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we respond. Or schedule time with me so we can nerd out on placement stuff.

Have an amazing April!

March 1, 2022

February Product Update - NEW Partners Dashboard, Placement Tracking, and more!

Best customers = best product

I want to give a shoutout to our clients for being the most vocal, helpful, patient customers any company has ever had. It’s truly an honor to work with people that care so much about getting people hired.

By being so vocal, we launched some big changes this month like:

  • NEW Partners Hub to act as your CRM and employer tracking tool
  • Integration marketplace (like an internal Zapier) to connect Prentus to tools like HubSpot and Slack
  • Revamping how we track placements
  • Beta test launch for iOS & Android mobile apps
  • Notification system for students to boost engagement
  • Ability to edit member profiles
  • Update V1 for the Directory

Read or watch the details below. And schedule some time with me if you want a private tour.

Schedule Demo
Watch Update
The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

NEW Partners Hub

Ditch the CRM. With the new Partners hub, you can manage, track, and grow your hiring partner network right in your Prentus platform.

Easily add partners by single profile or by uploading a CSV. It will create an account for them so they can easily get started with sending interview requests.

Always know what’s going on with a Timeline view for each Partner. See every hire, job, email, and more in a simple view. Even add notes to log your interactions.

The new Jobseekers hub shows a stats bar up top, responsive view, and a table to view each jobseeker's status.

Placement Tracking

We have always tracked placements but the data was not as clear and accessible as it could be. Now, each student has a clear section in their profile for placement data.

The data is automatically collected when they accept an offer on their Job Tracker but can be edited so they can get a final Job Search Summary. The formatting has been standardized to be cleaner for the API as well.


Integrate Prentus with your Favorite Tools

Wish you could create a Slack post when someone gets hired? Or maybe create a Member account on your platform when a new customer is added in Salesforce?

Now, Prentus uses Integry to allow you to integrate Prentus into your favorite apps and make custom workflows. It makes it even easier to slide Prentus into your existing systems. Full launch will be available by end of this week.

Edit Member Profiles

Everyone seems to want to edit member profiles so we made it happen. On the Directory, click the blue edit icon next to any member’s name.

This will open up their Profile page where you can edit all fields from preferences to the newly added Placement data. No more waiting on students to answer.

Notifications for Members

We already had smart notifications for members through email but now all their notifications will show up in one place. From task updates to job matches, they will never be out of the loop.

iOS & Android Beta

Our mobile apps are ready for testing! Get Prentus on your phone to get Push Notifications for things like messages and community interactions.

Apple iOS Link

Android Link (Mobile)

Android Link (Web)

If the link does not work for you, please reply to this email and we can add you manually to the beta test.

March Preview

We will be focusing on updating our landing pages in March so might not be as many big updates as usual. Even with that, we are planning on launching:

  • Outcome Dashboard: With our new Placement reporting structure, viewing and exporting data is easier. We are planning to add an Outcome Dashboard with charts and data capabilities to help you with reporting.
  • Customizable Directory: Edit your Directory columns to only view what you like.
  • Sub-Communities: Might change the name on that but basically giving you a way to segment your Community into more focused discussions. Kind of like Slack channels but hopefully a bit better.

If you have any requests, please reply and let us know. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we respond. Or schedule time with me so we can nerd out on placement stuff.

Have a marvelous March!

February 2, 2022

January Product Update - New Jobseekers Hub, Chrome Extension Update, & Summary Email

Gamification is working

Over here at Prentus, our main perk is that we get job seekers more engaged than any other platform. Before, it was an assumption.

But now, the numbers are in: 67% of jobseekers still use Prentus after 30 days.

Why? It’s because gamification makes it fun. It’s because community helps them feel supported. It’s because it’s the only platform they (and you) need for their job search.

If you haven’t chatted with me yet, hit the button below to see how we do things differently.

NEW Jobseekers Hub

Booking screen for a mentor session
New Jobseekers Hub offers more insight into jobseeker activity and more ways to support them.

The new Jobseekers Hub not only looks better. It does more than before.

With a glance, you can now find out who hasn’t logged in and where each jobseeker is at with their personal weekly job quota. That way, you can focus your help on those that need it most.

Group Tasks

When assigning a task to a group of people, you can now track progress across the group in your Grading tab. Perfect for weekly challenges to keep job seekers engaged.

Track progress for tasks assigned to a group

Recurring Tasks

Don’t repeat yourself. Now you can assign daily, weekly, or monthly recurring tasks for job seekers to build good habits. Perfect for tasks like “Post on LinkedIn” or “Send a cold DM”.

You can also make your Default or Template tasks recurring too. That way when someone starts their job search, they will automatically have that recurring task in their Planner.

Job Application Chart

Example of new direct messaging feature
Example of new direct messaging feature

Wish you could see if a job seeker was trending in the right direction? Now you can.

When viewing an individual student, see how many applications they have sent each week. Then build a plan to make sure they trend in the right direction.

Weekly Jobseeker Summary

Jobseeker’s already get a weekly summary of their progress showing how they made progress. So we wanted admins to get one too.

Each week, platform admins and career coaches will get a summary of all their jobseekers progress. This includes info like:

  • Who hasn’t logged in
  • Who has the most applications
  • Tasks that are outstanding

…and more to make knowing where to help easier. That way your Mondays can start off running.

Chrome Extension for everyone

Updated Chrome Extension allows admins and alumni to use to share jobs.

Our new Chrome Extension now allows alumni and admin to easily share jobs with the Community. Just open our extension on a job site and chances are our extension pulls in the details automatically. Then click Add Job to share the love.

For Jobseekers, they will notice that they can now see their quota progress right in the extension. Plus deleting jobs they added by mistake takes just one click.

While sites like LinkedIn and Indeed already had job details automatically pulled in, we now added BuiltIn and AngelList too. Jobseekers can now easily track local jobs and startup roles. Let us know what we should add next!

Update on Mobile Apps and Notifications

Due to some administrative hiccups, the launch of our mobile apps got delayed. Apple specifically had some extra requirements to get things going.

With that said, we should be able to get our iOS and Android apps out this month. Once that happens, we will get a proper notification system in place. Just imagine how much job seekers will use the platform when that launches.

Other small updates

  • “No preference” option for jobseeker office preference was changed to “Open to all options”
  • Person that shared a job to the Community Job Board will get notified when a jobseeker tracks it
  • Fixed bug on sign up that got some users stuck in a loop
  • Chrome Extension now uses email login instead of ID-based login
  • Added Cohort field for students (can edit in the Directory)
  • +34 other requests that came directly from our helpful customers

February Preview

Aside from getting those mobile apps and notification system out, here’s what else we are planning:

  • New Hiring Partners Admin Page: Might not finish this one up this month but we are redesigning the way schools can manage the lifecycle of their hiring partners - from initial contact to hiring 100s of grads.
  • New Partner Experience: Same as above in that it will take a couple of months. But we want to make sure you impress hiring partners and keep them coming back. Expect a new flow, job posting capabilties, and gamification.
  • Possibly Desktop App: Providing Prentus in the format users want is essential. We are exploring adding a Desktop App to our mobile app launches as well.

If you have any requests, please reply and let us know. You will be pleasantly surprised at how fast we respond. Or schedule time with me so we can nerd out on placement stuff.

Have a fabulous February!

January 4, 2022

December Product Update - Mentorship, DMs, UI Refresh, Job Search Page, & more!

Make it a happy new year for alumni

Welcome to a new year. If at any point last year you were

  • Stretched too thin on career support
  • Lacking the outcomes data you wanted
  • Disappointed in your alumni engagement
  • Or wished you could grow your partner network

then you want to read this whole email. We went hard in December to make sure 2022 was the year your grads loved the job search. Read about it or watch the demo video below.

Mentorship 👨‍🏫

Booking screen for a mentor session
Booking screen for a mentor session

Every graduate wants a mentor. And many of your hired grads want to give back. With our new Mentorship feature, matching them up is a breeze.

Set criteria for alumni to qualify to become mentors and then they can set their availability. With Google Calendar and Zoom integrations built in, scheduling is hands-free.

When a jobseeker needs help, they can filter to find a mentor in the area they need support in. If they have enough points on the platform, they can book a mentor meeting in just 3 clicks.

Watch jobseeker engagement soar as they try to earn points to book sessions. Plus, hired alumni can get leadership experience they need to level up in their career.

Going down in the DMs 📥

Example of new direct messaging feature
Example of new direct messaging feature

You can’t be an all-in-one platform without DMs. Now, career coaches can support jobseekers, alumni can plan projects, and employers can chat with candidates - all without leaving Prentus.

Conversations can be between one person or many which is useful for group projects. Look out for the chat button already integrated through out the platform.

New, responsive interface 💅

Jobseekers are on mobile. So it was time we responded with responsiveness. (Sorry for that one)

Your alumni will have a smooth experience no matter what device they are using now that we have a header menu replacing the old side menu. This also makes launching our mobile apps next month easier.

One page for all Job Search needs

Job Search has a single page for quick bouncing between tools

Bouncing from Job Tracker to Planner to Job Board didn’t make too much sense. We combined, reduced, and simplified the experience for job seekers.

Now a student can add a job, track the task added to that job, and never lose sight of their scheduled interviews.

Not only do things look nicer. We also added features like linking Jobs to tasks on your Planner and setting a default view for your Job Tracker.

Profile Customization & Stats

Getting partners is tough. With our new profile page, students can customize their profile links and track statistics. This will lead to more profile shares that get more partners in your network.

On the gamification side, job seekers can see their profile rank in your Talent Portal. Since the portal is sorted by their Career Points (CP), expect them to up those job application numbers and complete your assigned tasks.

January Preview...

Of course, we will continue to be crazy responsive to user feedback. So using Prentus will be even better. January has 3 main focuses though:

  • iOS & Android Apps: This one depends on approval but we should have mobile apps launched by the end of the month. Push notifications and chatting will improve engagement.
  • Notification System: Having control over notifications will allow your alumni to get notified of what’s important to them. It also means they will be more active.
  • Chrome Extension Update: It will fix some bugs, update the UI, and allow admins to share jobs with their community as they browse sites like LinkedIn.

Don’t wait until January. Reply to this email or schedule time with me so this can be the year you take control of your placement process.

Regardless, cheers to getting people into amazing careers! 🍻

December 1, 2021

November Product Update - Boosting Engagement & Performance

Last month we launched Communities for schools on Prentus. Alumni are already asking questions, sharing wins, and helping job seekers feel a little better on their search.

With Communities came new schools using Prentus. And they brought fresh ideas. Since our goal is to give schools control of the placement process, we listened. Here’s what we got.

Schedule Demo

Account Roles 👤

No matter how big your team is, you can easily provide the right permissions with Roles. Here’s a breakdown of each:

  1. Owner: Has access to all pages and settings.
  2. Career Coach: Can manage and support their assigned jobseekers.
  3. Community Member: Can access Community. Useful for staff that want to interact with alumni.

Since you can have  unlimited admin accounts now there’s nothing holding you back from bringing on your whole team.

Assigned Coaches 📣

Bigger schools means more job seekers that each have an assigned Coach. Now, you can assign that coach in Prentus so job seekers always have a lifeline.

On the coach side, they will only be able to see job seekers assigned to them. Then they can assign tasks, approve submissions, track progress, and manage status for their people.

Notification Guidebook 📖

Prentus sends smart notifications to keep your alumni engaged with your Prentus platform. Before, it was a little bit of a mystery what was being sent out.

Our new Docs gives schools an easy way to see when we send Notification Emails, Onboarding Emails, and Engagement Emails. Look out for even more insight coming soon.

Refreshed Member Onboarding ▶

First impressions are everything. That’s why we revamped the Member onboarding for your platform.

Now they are greeted with a friendly gif, truthful hype, and initial steps to unlock value in your platform.

After that, they get a series of emails that will educate them on how things work. That means they will be more engaged and more informed (so your inbox doesn’t get flooded).

Other small (but important) improvements

  • New Support page with technical support, career support, and a Roadmap to vote on features.
  • Improved navigation and speed of the Community (thank you Cass for your feedback here!)
  • Message Stream for tasks allow for both detailed submissions from Students and helpful feedback from Coaches.
  • New filters and rows per page options of the Directory

December Preview

It’s been a crazy year for us. Only way to close it out is with some crazy goals. Here’s what’s coming.

  • DMs: Community’s can only really pop off with messaing. DMs will let alumni, school staff, and employers chat without leaving your platform.
  • Mentorship: Many hired alumni want to give back to job seekers. Mentorship will provide a way for them to set availability and earn badges as they help out job seekers.
  • Job Search Hub: One page for all job searching needs. Faster and easier to navigate.
  • Students Hub (beta): Manage students, create learning sessions with Zoom, and get attendance reports in one place. Email us if interested in being a beta user.
  • Chrome Extension Refresh: Our extension will be getting a makeover visually and allow for non-jobseekers to use it to share jobs too.

If you and/or your alumni aren’t in love with your placement process, schedule a demo with me today. Prentus puts students in the best position to get hired and every jobseekers deserves that.

See you in 2022!!!

November 1, 2021

October Product Update - Community, Zapier, Data Imports, and more

Since Prentus was started, we believed community was key to getting grads hired. A majority of students report feeling lonely on the job search and being overwhelmed with information. LinkedIn was too formal and Slack/Discord was too noisy for alumni.

That ends today.

Build an engaged, helpful Alumni Community

Click here to watch demo

We just launched our Community product for bootcamps to finally unlock the power of their alumni. Instead of Slack which is high effort and lots of noise, the Community product is organized for providing career help.

Posts allow people to share knowledge, ask questions, and vent to a safe space. Job seekers have plenty of the same questions and frustrations so this allows them to realize their not alone. And instead of "Likes", we have one reaction for posts: Helpful.

With tags and keyword search, new job seekers can quickly find old threads. Admins can even save posts as Resources to build a community-powered knowledge base.

Events usually get lost in Slack or emails. With the Community, alumni can seamlessly share events and see what's coming up. This is perfect for Demo Days or for students to self-organize study sessions. The more they feel together, the more momentum they will build on the job search.

Jobs gives hired alumni an easy way to share opportunities at their companies that they might not have shared otherwise. Job seekers can track these jobs on their Job Tracker and even share jobs too. Plus, the community Jobs Board has all the openings shared by admins and hiring partners too.

Best part of it all? Engagement earns members points. That way, they can see exactly how much they helped.

Automate your work with Zapier

We now have a private Zapier integration for schools to build smart workflows according to their needs. You can automatically create a new alumni account or trigger an action when a Hiring Partner signs up.

With 1000s of apps and a bunch more actions being added soon, Prentus can fit in to any workflow.

Smart notifications

Last month we added Weekly Summaries for job seekers to see all they accomplished. This month we added notification emails for inactivity to make sure job seekers don't lose momentum.

Instead of having to annoy and keep track of students, Prentus will slim down your work to keep up with students for you. Expect more notifications and onboarding text for students soon along with a way for admins to customize them.

Import alumni data

Since we wanted to make it super easy to manage alumni and outcomes, we made it easier for you to upload alumni data. You can now download a sample CSV and match up your fields when uploading alumni data.

This will automatically create accounts for them to get access to your community and get their outcome data in your system. That way, your dashboard will show accurate placement rates. In January 2022, we will be working on our Outcomes Dashboard for even more in-depth analytics on outcomes.

Other cool stuff

Of course we continue to optimize our platform every single day. Some smaller changes include:

  • Easier navigation for editing Alumni profiles
  • Side menu options are now links so you can open in new tabs
  • Events now open in new page instead of in pop-up
  • Alumni profiles are linked in almost every place they are listed
  • Added status for Students so you can add them to platform before they are job searching
  • More consistency across types of items (ex. events)
  • Small performance upgrades (more coming in November)
  • And minor bug fixes along the way

Coming next month...

Next month will be mostly focused on Experience. With that, some projects we are planning include:

  • Improve performance through simplifying database, searches, and more
  • Billing view for schools to monitor how many active job seekers they have
  • Support page to reference guides and submit feature requests
  • Weekly community digests
  • Onboarding email sequence to introduce and engage alumni
...and whatever else our schools might need to help alumni. :)

If your school is not already on Prentus, make sure to schedule a demo with me (Rod). There are a bunch of schools coming on so make sure to stay ahead of the competition.

October 4, 2021

September Product Update

Welcome to the Prentus monthly changelog! I'll be posting these at the beginning of each month with updates on what we launched the month before.

September was productive. There were tons of little improvements to various parts of our careers platform. Even made a few touch ups to make things look pretty.

On a side note, we are working on our one-liner. Thinking about "Prentus is the gamified, community-powered careers platform for modern schools." Might need some work but covers main points for now.

Anyway, here's a breakdown of what we added to our platform in Septembers:


Students see 100s of events across the internet each week. That's why when you share a demo day or helpful talk, it's hard to get your job seekers there.

With Prentus, schools can now create and share events in the community event stream. Host live resume reviews for your internal community or public Demo Days you can share with employers too. Some features include:

  • Share unique links for each event internally or, if the event is public, online (here's an example)
  • Create recurring events for things like stand ups
  • Tag your events so people can easily find what's relevant
  • Earn points every time your event is added to someone's calendar
Will try to integrate all events with Google Calendar some time during Q4.


Speaking of calendars, knowing what's coming up next helps job seekers stay on track. Our new Calendar features gives them one place that shows interviews from their Job Tracker, interview from hiring partners, and community events in one place.

Plus since it's on the new Planner page, they can see their assigned tasks and personal to-do list as well.

Weekly Summaries

Engaging job seekers is one of toughest things to do. With Weekly Summaries, your platform will lighten your load.

Every week, active job seekers get an email summarizing all the progress they made that week. This includes tasks, jobs applied to, and interviews. And if they didn't do anything, we send a supportive email to bring them back into the fold to get back on track or update their profile.

With our community launch next month, expect a daily and weekly digest option for alumni to stay in the loop.

Job Post Widget

Having a place for employers to post jobs is something many schools asked for. With our Job Post Widget, you can add a little Javascript snippet anywhere on your website where employers can quickly share jobs.

Employers and recruiters can enter their job information in the widget to share in your community's internal job board. If they don't have an account on your platform, this will also create an account for them and send them a welcome email.

Now, you can attract more employers to check out your grads with minimal upfront commitment.

Other cool stuff

There's a ton of other tweaks we made to the product. These include:

  • Refreshed home page for students to the planner page
  • New Community page which currently has an Events tab and a Jobs tab (more below on this)
  • You can charge employers for talent using Stripe in your platform
  • Customize your own store for students to spend points in (ex. Mock Interviews, swag)
  • Job seekers are emailed when you assign them tasks, add a job in their focus, and a few other times to help engage them
  • Tags feature to tag events, jobs, and (soon) posts

Coming next month...

Next month's big focus is our Community feature. Since 80% of jobs come from networking and many job seekers complain about loneliness, this will be the biggest part of our platform moving forward.

The Community, which includes Events and Jobs already, will allow alumni to:

  • Create posts to ask questions and share helpful resources with others
  • Earn points every time someone upvotes their resources
  • Find exactly the info they need by searching Tags or sorting content by most helpful
  • And (in December) connect older alumni for to recent alumni for mentorship
As if that isn't exciting enough, we will also be working on launching:

  • Easier ways to import student profiles through upload and potentially APIs
  • Zapier Integration for you to integrate with 1000+ apps and make your workflows faster
  • Smarter notification emails to get students actively helping each other
If you're not already on Prentus, make sure to schedule a demo with me (Rod). This will be the standard for career services very soon. Better to be early than late.