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Booting Up Podcast

Hear from previous bootcamp grads on the secrets they used to land jobs at companies like Google, Facebook, & more.

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Community to support your journey

Chat with 100s of bootcamp grads in our Discord to share tips, events, and memes that make the job hunt easier.

“It's the first time I've really like "hung out" with other techies and I'm just so happy I found this community.”

Shannon Scirghio

Web Developer, Graduated from Trilogy

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When we say home base for bootcamp grads, we mean it. Here's a peek at what we got coming up in Summer 2021.


Meet with potential mentors that can help you transition into your career in tech. When you find a match, build a long-term relationship.

Group Projects

Get matched with a project team to work on a 10-week project. Build a product that stands out in interviews and could potentially become a startup.

Study Groups

Continuing to learn after bootcamp is critical. Make it more fun and effective by joining study groups studying the same things as you.