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Day 100 - Transitioning to Next Phase of Prentus

It's been an eye-opening 100 days. I know what I got to do next and look forward to sharing the rest of the journey on my new YouTube channel at

Posted by Rod Danan | Dec 01, 2020


Day 83 - 3-Month Outlook, Product Breakdown, & Squashing Bugs

It was one of those "thought heavy" days. As part of onboarding, I wrote down a thorough guide to our product. This triggered some thoughts that led to me settling on a three-month outlook that I am HYPED about. It also triggered various realizations

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 11, 2020


Day 72 - 98% Reduced Load Time, Business Side Ready, & Team Member Roulette

I almost accepted defeat but I pushed through. Now, profiles load in less than a second instead of 20 seconds. With that and some other tweaks, the business side of the Bubble app is fully ready and tested. The team member roulette is the tough part.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 29, 2020


Day 66 - Will The Site Break When A Customer Uses It?

Started the day with some design feedback (have a bunch to do tomorrow still). Finally got into the sales meeting and the customer LOVED Prentus. Now the question is if the site will break when they use it 😬.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 23, 2020


Day 64 - Intern Profiles Fixes, Designer Meeting, & Vent Sesh Success

Was rushing to get the site looking good and decided to focus on the intern profiles as the last item. In the designer meeting, everyone seemed reinvigorated and clearer on the design system. Ended the day with a vent sesh in the community on job rej

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 22, 2020


Day 63 - Pricing System Finalized, Implementing Stripe Checkout, & Bootcamp Partnership

Decided on how to work pricing and spent most of the day implementing that with Stripe. Along the way, also got some updates on bootcamp partnerships, team members on the project team, and salesperson coming on. Big day tomorrow.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 21, 2020


Day 62 - First Sale Since July, Case of the Mondays, & Productivity Mentoring

Not the most productive Monday but still was able to get my first sale since July. Spent a bunch of the day giving productivity mentorship to people in the community. Wrote a newsletter too. And took step 1 towards the pricing choice.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 20, 2020


Day 61 - Automating Hiring Process, Pricing Problems, & The Week Ahead

No content since I'm still off social media. Instead I was back in Bubble working on backend workflows like automating the hiring process. While doing that, I ran into a potentially huge issue with my pricing and charging model.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 19, 2020

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