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Day 100 - Transitioning to Next Phase of Prentus

It's been an eye-opening 100 days. I know what I got to do next and look forward to sharing the rest of the journey on my new YouTube channel at

Posted by Rod Danan | Dec 01, 2020


Day 96 - Righting the Ship & Reflecting on My Choices

After a whirlwind past couple of days, I had a full workday today. The intern team needed feedback on designs and scoping of tasks so I attended to that first. Started networking again which triggered some thoughts on decisions I made in October.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 26, 2020


Day 92 - Support New Designers, Pre-Meeting Show Guest, & Contract Sent

Spent a lot of the day giving design feedback and working with the designers on the team. Constant feedback helps keep them on target. Then I met with a designer at Spotify that will be a guest on Season 2. Biggest win was sending off the contract to

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 20, 2020


Day 81 of #100DaysOfStartup - Intern Dashboard Completed, Now On To The Rest of The Business

Missed a day - sorry! Today I finished up the intern dashboard though! That includes the layout, functionality, and testing. Now on to the rest of things like our video, updating online profiles, and the pricing page. Have a great week everybody!!

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 09, 2020


Day 79 - Negotiating with a Fortune 500 Company, Design Gets Deals, & Aligning the Team

Today was mostly focused around the bootcamp agreement. With revisions requested, I JUST realized they are a Fortune 500 company. That led to some design improvements to make a better impression and deeper talks with my legal help.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 06, 2020


Day 73 - Gathering Reviews, Delays Galore, Surprises, & Writing A Launch Email

As I get ready to transition from Product focus to a Marketing & Sales month in November, a bunch of random things came up from gathering reviews to generating legal agreements. Delays are holding Prentus back but not stopping our progress.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 30, 2020


Day 72 - 98% Reduced Load Time, Business Side Ready, & Team Member Roulette

I almost accepted defeat but I pushed through. Now, profiles load in less than a second instead of 20 seconds. With that and some other tweaks, the business side of the Bubble app is fully ready and tested. The team member roulette is the tough part.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 29, 2020


Day 70 - Morning Schedule, Backend Backed Up, & Availability Feature Added

Got back in the gym and went to vote so had a shorter day. Spent most of it in designs helping people out and moving that long. The team lead meeting highlighted some issues with the backend of the project. Added an availability feature.

Posted by Rod Danan | Oct 28, 2020

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