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Day 99 - Writing a Marketing Plan + How to See Day 100

Today was spent making a solid marketing plan moving forward. That included writing content, outlining the details, and creating a new YouTube channel which you should follow for all future insights into building startups.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 30, 2020


Day 97 - I'm About That Life

After the first day in over a year where I didn't touch my computer, my eyes were ready to roll. Came back pumped with creativity and focused on creating our About Page. Got deeper than I ever have on the design side but I'm about that life.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 28, 2020


Day 92 - Support New Designers, Pre-Meeting Show Guest, & Contract Sent

Spent a lot of the day giving design feedback and working with the designers on the team. Constant feedback helps keep them on target. Then I met with a designer at Spotify that will be a guest on Season 2. Biggest win was sending off the contract to

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 20, 2020


Day 91 - How To Build Landing Pages, Twitter Leads to Partner, & Project Woes

Spent most of the day building a new Bootcamp Grad focused landing page.I talk through my process in the video. There was also some legal jumbo to deal with that I hate. During my Twitter break, I might have landed another bootcamp partnership.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 20, 2020


Day 85 - NEW Home Page & Pricing Page Are Up 🚀 Momentum Coming Back

After waiting for weeks and missing multiple deadlines, the new Home Page is LIVE at! To top it off, I also finished the Pricing Page is less than a day. This shows how much control I have over my own progress. Momentum is flowing baby!

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 13, 2020


Day 84 - When You Want Things Done, Got to Do Them Yourself

I've been relying on people that let me down and have been missing goals I didn't want to miss. After 2.5 weeks of waiting, I used a combo of HTML blocks and my will to learn to code up the Home Page.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 12, 2020


Day 83 - 3-Month Outlook, Product Breakdown, & Squashing Bugs

It was one of those "thought heavy" days. As part of onboarding, I wrote down a thorough guide to our product. This triggered some thoughts that led to me settling on a three-month outlook that I am HYPED about. It also triggered various realizations

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 11, 2020


Day 82 - Making A Fire Video, Planning Onboarding, & Pricing Page Psychology

It was a productive Monday focused on a variety of things. Started off by writing a bomb ass script for the video we are producing. Did some planning around the Pricing Page that is coming soon. Also got an early start on prepping onboarding plan for

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 10, 2020

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