Day 100 - Transitioning to Next Phase of Prentus

It's been an eye-opening 100 days. I know what I got to do next and look forward to sharing the rest of the journey on my new YouTube channel at https://youtu.be/tpkAwWItXXA

Posted by Rod Danan | Dec 01, 2020


Day 99 - Writing a Marketing Plan + How to See Day 100

Today was spent making a solid marketing plan moving forward. That included writing content, outlining the details, and creating a new YouTube channel which you should follow for all future insights into building startups.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 30, 2020


Day 98 - The Secret Behind My Motivation

Tbh this isn't a secret that is likely you will be able to apply but it's my fuel for taking risks and getting out of my comfort zone while building Prentus.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 29, 2020


Day 97 - I'm About That Life

After the first day in over a year where I didn't touch my computer, my eyes were ready to roll. Came back pumped with creativity and focused on creating our About Page. Got deeper than I ever have on the design side but I'm about that life.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 28, 2020


Day 96 - Righting the Ship & Reflecting on My Choices

After a whirlwind past couple of days, I had a full workday today. The intern team needed feedback on designs and scoping of tasks so I attended to that first. Started networking again which triggered some thoughts on decisions I made in October.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 26, 2020


Day 95 - I Got the Rona

Unfortunately, I have COVID. This threw off what was supposed to be a big week. I got some work done in the morning today but still was only a partial day. Hoping to cure up fast to get the startup back on track.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 25, 2020


Day 94 - The More You Plan, The Easier It Is to Get Where You Want to Go

Spent a good chunk of time planning out my week today which made me PUMPED to get started. Highlights are getting back on LunchClub, onboarding the new hire, and writing copy for the About Page. I also edged even closer to completing our MVP.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 23, 2020


Day 93 - Optimizing Founder Productivity

Being a founder means very little room for error. That starts with yourself. You have to continuously test routines, food, tools, and other parts of your life to find the perfect blend to make you perform at your best. That's where I am at now.

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 21, 2020


Day 92 - Support New Designers, Pre-Meeting Show Guest, & Contract Sent

Spent a lot of the day giving design feedback and working with the designers on the team. Constant feedback helps keep them on target. Then I met with a designer at Spotify that will be a guest on Season 2. Biggest win was sending off the contract to

Posted by Rod Danan | Nov 20, 2020

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